Principals History


Mike Sweeney

Principal, Technology

Mike is a seasoned entrepreneur who has focused a majority of his career in a variety of software product initiatives as well as technical service opportunities.  Healthcare, primarily the telemedicine space, has the most recent area of development.  Throughout the years, other industries such as logistics, distribution, trading, and manufacturing have also seen him in development initiatives.

Currently, Mike has refactored his professional focus away from enterprise employement and is offering, through the Ventura Group, freelance services, primarily those of project managment and webdesign.

Lois Edwards

Principal, Marketing, Design

An energetic and passionate marketing professional, Lois has over 30 years of professional sales and marketing experience.  From the National Sales Manager of a venture capital funded technology company where she managed a national sales team and implemeeted national advertising campaigns, to participating in e-commerece start-up incubation and market research services, Lois has a wide range of front line hands-on experience.

Today she focuses on helping companies assess new markets, develop effective marketing plans, brand products, roll-out products and services, increase market share, expand distribution channels — often contributing to the foundation for capital development.  Lois is also a respected marketing specialiast in Caribbean travel and tourism.

Lois is known for her graphic design skills which are often brought to bear in projects requiring visual assets be created and integrated into the development process.


Sales Engineering, Product Management, Project Management, IT Architecture and Development, Business Analysis, Product Design, Technical Sales Support, Cloud Integration


Being either a fresh, custom, design for a new application and data model build or crafting new functionality and datastores for usage in an acquisition or integration project, experienced planning and architecture designs can mitigate project risk while improving productivity and a positive project outcome.  We can assist in helping your team form a strategic plan that stands up to the tasks at hand.


  • WordPress Divi
  • Rapid Prototyping Services
  • 3rd party graphic teams


Database Development

  • Microsoft SQL
  • Modeling
  • Prototyping
  • Application Development

Application Specilities

  • ETL & EDI
  • Business Intelegence
  • Data Science
  • Prototyping
  • Cloud Development